Consultation on Velodrome Project Consultation in proposed Whanganui District Council Long Term Plan

Dear Members and all Cycling Supporters,

I write to you all to make you aware of the activity that is underway around the funding of the Velodrome Project as part of the Whanganui District Council’s proposed Long Term Plan (LTP) for 2021-2031 for consultation. This relates specifically to the funding of a roof for the velodrome facility.

I also warmly encourage you to attend the Public Event at the War Memorial Centre at 5.30pm this coming Wednesday (31st March) in relation to this project. This will be an opportunity to hear further details in relation to the funding of the Velodrome roof.

Velodrome Project

Details of this project as part of the proposed LTP are available for reading on the WDC website by clicking on this link. Go to page 14 when this opens.

As you will see there are three options around the velodrome being presented with the preferred option (Option 2) of the Council being signaled within it.

Whanganui Cycling Club Position

The Whanganui Cycling Club supports the roofing of the Velodrome and gratefully acknowledges the considerable efforts by many people that have been made to-date to get to the point we are now. The Club recognises the value that a roofed velodrome will bring to the community as both a sport and recreation facility for use by local people and also as one of the few competitively advantageous assets the city can identify on which to base economic activity. The Club supports a responsible approach to the use of ratepayer funds to support the funding of the roof.

The club has no opinion on the design of the roof at this time. At this time, the focus is on establishing the funding base necessary to complete the project regardless of the final look.

The Club supports the preferred option (Option 2) as proposed by the Council in the LTP consultation document.

Next steps

However, without support from Councillors for the project to be included in the final confirmed long-term plan, this will be the end of the project and it is likely Whanganui will cease to have a velodrome. In its present state, the velodrome requires significant repairs to be usable again. If indeed it can be repaired.

The signaling of a preferred option by the Council should not be taken as an indication that they will definitely be including this option in the final LTP. It is more that they want to hear the community’s view specifically on this particular option – do the community support the investment into this facility at the level indicated?


Given all this, it is vital that significant numbers of submissions are received in the consultation process to support the funding of this project. Without these, there is a low likelihood of being successful. To make a submission please click here. You can do this online very quickly.

Members are encouraged to attend the public meeting on Wednesday to help be fully informed. Further to this, there will be an opportunity to discuss this at a meeting on the Club at a date yet to be confirmed.

Members are encouraged to forward this email to members external to the club who they believe will be supportive of this project and encouraging them to make a submission.

As always you are welcome to contact me via email ( or via phone.

Yours in cycling,


Cycling Whanganui President


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