Awa Cross

15/07/2023 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
St Johns Hill School
71 Parsons Street

Guess who’s back…back again?!!

We’re stoked to bring our second edition of Awa Cross alongside the North Island Schools Cyclocross Champs…and this time we’re giving an opportunity for Under 5’s to Over 55’s to experience the epic-ness of Cyclocross! Did we mention the inaugural Whanganui Wheelie World Champs?!! 

Saturday July 15th, 2023

St Johns Hill School, Whanganui

Registration from 12pm, events from 1pm.

Entry Fees:
Kids & Youth : $2
Open: $10

Race Pack:
You’ll receive your own bike number plate, live timing, a goodie bag and we’ll crank up the barbie too!

Event Timing & Certificate:
You’ll be able to see your ride time and download your own personalised certificate here.

Food & Refreshments:
Please support the St Johns Hill School PTA goodie stall, there will also be a Coffee Cart on site and we’ll shout the snags.  Ride hard, get hungry!


  • Awa CX Under 5 years
  • Awa CX 5-7 years
  • Awa CX 8-11 years
  • Awa CX Open 20+ Competitive & Social

Event Schedule:

Course Maps:
The course is a mixture of grass, asphalt and wooded shrubbery.  Riders will be challenged with inclines, technical turns, obstacles and shaded areas over approximately 1.4km-1.5km laps for the long course.


On the Day:

  1. Arrive early. Parking on the school grounds is assigned to event officials, medical and timing only. There is plenty of parking on Parkes Avenue or Peakes Road including the carpark at 82 Peakes Road (with a short walk up the sealed path to the school). Please respect the residents’ lawns and use your common sense!
  2. Follow the event marshals’ instructions when crossing the course to Race HQ.
  3. Sign in and collect your race pack from the St Johns Hill School Hall. We ask that no bikes are taken into the hall or the covered deck area.
  4. Shelter, tents and bike parking will be available.
  5. Please use the designated rubbish bins available.
  6. Make sure your bike number is attached securely, check out the example on display.
  7. Your event will be called to the ‘ride ready area’ 5-10mins before your start for the official briefing. Ears on!!
  8. The BBQ will be cranking post ride at the Mitre 10 Mega Trailer.

Equipment Requirements:

  • Bicycles must be mechanically sound
  • NZ Safety approved helmets must be worn and fastened at all times while riding


What is Cyclocross?
Cyclocross is a form of bicycle racing which incorporates mixed terrains, different surfaces and obstacles in a short circuit completed multiple times. Riders can dismount and push, lift or even run with their bikes. It tests all aspects of the rider’s physiology and with spectators close to the action in a party like atmosphere it is a heap of fun! 

Do I need a special bike to take part?
No, you don’t  but your bike will need to fit the equipment requirements outlined above and be suitable to navigate the mixed terrain and different surfaces. We’d love to see you and your bike dressed up (tip: stuff in spokes is not ideal!)…there will be prizes.

Adults…should I enter the Social or Competitive Grade?
If you’ve ridden CX before and/or like your legs to do the talking we suggest you enter the competitive grades.

If you’re a first time CX’er, ‘dusting’ off the bike, like to dress up or like to ‘whoop’ the crowd as you navigate the course the social grade is for you.

How long am I riding for?
Each category will ride on the course for a set time, the officials will guide you off the course when your time is up.

How does the start work?
Everyone starts together, in waves, with a minimum of one foot on the ground. The starter will count you down.  Parents are welcome and encouraged to walk/run alongside the Under 5’s….and maybe the over 55’s 😉

Will I get lost on the course?
Let’s hope not…if you end up in Hawera you’ve taken a wrong turn!  The course will be taped off with marshals stationed around the course and you’ll have a chance (weather permitting) to test ride the course.

What happens if I get lapped?
You keep riding!  Just remember to keep left to allow faster riders to pass.

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