Škoda North Island Cyclocross Championships

15/07/2023 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
St Johns Hill School
71 Parsons Street
Cath Cheatley

Cycling Whanganui has a proud history of hosting Road and Track events, and we are stoked to be hosting our first Cyclocross Championships.

A huge thanks to St Johns Hill School for enabling us to use their incredible facilities, we know you will enjoy the challenges of the course and respect the environment as much as they do. We would also like to acknowledge the support of Sport Whanganui and the Whanganui Mountain Bike Club who are also passionate about seeing youth out there and active on bikes.

Event Website is Here

Download the final Event Manual here (7 July)

Saturday July 15th, 2023

St Johns Hill School, Whanganui

Registration from 12pm, events from 1pm.

Entry Fees:
$20 per rider.

All CNZ Schools affiliation fees and event entry fees must be paid before riders are permitted to start the event.. Information on how to affiliate is available here.  Not sure what this means…drop us a line – we can help!

The event is endorsed by School Sport New Zealand and is run under Cycling New Zealand Schools Rules.

Race Pack:
Race packs will contain:

  • 1x Bike Plate – to be securely attached to the handlebars. Check out the demo at Race HQ where cable ties will be available.
  • 1x Timing Chip – to be securely attached to the rider’s ankle.
  • Some Whanganui goodness!

Male and female riders will compete for the same duration according to their age grade.
Medals are awarded to the top three in each age group plus a championship jersey to the winner.

Event Schedule:

Course Map:
The course is a mixture of grass, asphalt and wooded shrubbery.  Riders will be challenged with inclines, technical turns, obstacles and shaded areas over approximately 1.4km-1.5km laps.

On the Day:

  1. Arrive early. Parking on the school grounds is assigned to event officials, medical and timing only. There is plenty of parking on Parkes Avenue or Peakes Road (with a short walk up the sealed path to the school). Please respect the residents’ lawns and use your common sense!
  2. Follow the event marshals’ instructions when crossing the course to Race HQ.
  3. Sign in and collect your race pack from the St Johns Hill School Hall. We ask that no bikes are taken into the hall or the covered deck area.
  4. Shelter, tents and bike parking will be available.
  5. Please use the designated rubbish bins available.
  6. Make sure your bike bike is attached securely, check out the example on display.
  7. Your event will be called to the ‘ride ready area’ 15mins before your start for the official briefing. Ears on!!
  8. The BBQ will be cranking post ride at the Mitre10 Mega trailer.

Equipment Requirements:
The key equipment regulations outlined in the Cycling New Zealand Schools Rules are below:

30.3 Equipment Regulations for all grades

  • Dropped or straight handlebars are permitted
  • Bar ends and aero bars are not permitted
  • Fixed wheel bicycles are not permitted
  • Metal studs on tyres are not permitted
  • Electric Bikes are not permitted
  • No restrictions apply on tyre width
  • Mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, and single speeds are permitted as long as they meet the requirements above.

Spare equipment is permitted but not mandatory.

Live results will be available here. Please note these are provisional.


What is Cyclocross?
It’s a form of bicycle racing which incorporates mixed terrains, different surfaces and obstacles in a short circuit completed multiple times. Riders can dismount and push, lift or even run with their bikes. It tests all aspects of the rider’s physiology and with spectators close to the action in a party like atmosphere it is a heap of fun!

Do I need a special bike to take part?
No, you don’t but your bike will need to fit the equipment requirements outlined above and be suitable to navigate the mixed terrain and different surfaces.

Do I need to wear lycra?
No, you don’t. If your school doesn’t have a set cycling uniform, wear your PE uniform or plain clothing.

How long am I racing for?
U13, U14, U15 riders will race for 30mins and U16, U17, U20 riders will race for 40mins. The event officials will ring the bell, so you know when your final lap of the course begins. 

How does the start work?
Everyone starts together bunched in their age groups with a minimum of one foot on the ground. The starter will count you down.  Depending on final entries age groups may be staggered.

Will I get lost on the course?
Let’s hope not!!! The course will be taped off with marshals stationed around the course. The course will also be open for warm up/familiarisation prior to your event.

What happens if I get lapped?
You keep riding!  Just remember to keep left to allow faster riders to pass.  You will finish on the same lap as the leading rider.


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