Race Terms & Conditions

1. I am aware of the dangers of road racing and compete in the event at my own risk;
2. I have read and understood any written race instructions and acknowledge that all instructions, whether written or verbal, are clear and unambiguous’
3. The organisers have done their best to make the event as safe as they can, taking into account the restrictions imposed by authorities on road closures and that the organisers cannot control every eventuality;
4. I must obey the road rules and, in particular, must stay to the left of the centre line;
5. Even where there is a road closure, there is no guarantee that other members of the public will necessarily respect the road closure or obey the road rules;
6. If I am involved in an accident I will not seek to blame or make a claim against the organisers, nor will I assist anyone else in making such a claim;
7. If I have any concerns with the rate organization, I will raise them with the race organisers first. I will not raise them with any other person, recognizing that I will only jeopardize the continuation of the event;
8. This acknowledgment is intended to be binding on my relatives, personal representatives, heirs and successors;
9. I am aware that I am responsible for ensuring that my equipment is safe and that it complies with any relevant safety standards.

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